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Based on Carolyn Kalil's best selling book
Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love

One Day Team Building Workshop

How many times have you seen a department where the employees don't talk to each other? Tensions flare, people make each other wrong and the stress level is higher than it needs to be. This can lead to loss of productivity and even burn out on the job mostly due to miscommunication among co-workers.

In this  Team Building Workshop the Kalil's will create a more positive work environment. It will identify the values, needs, and strengths that motivate the behavior of each individual team member. Participants will recognize and learn to appreciate the communication styles and working styles of all the members of the team. They will be equipped with tools to do their job more effectively and resolve workplace problems.

Lasting change begins inside of us. We must start with ourselves in order to change our world. Much of the breakdown in communication and conflict in the workplace is due to a lack of understanding and appreciation of individual differences and the judgments we make about those who are unlike us. The emphasis in this workshop is on individual change which will result in positive changes in the workplace.

This workshop has been designed using Carolyn's best selling book, Follow Your Inner Heroes(tm) To The Work You Love.

"There is one part of the session that set the tone for the entire day. It was when Carolyn told the staff that after participating in your workshop, they would never see people in shades of black or white.

That statement was very profound for me. It stuck in my head. I wondered if it would be true for me, being the skeptic that I am. But, I found that you were absolutely right!

After each staff person discovered their colors, and after you took us through the first few analytical steps, I, and it appears all staff, began to see each other's color spectrum. We began to see shades of green, orange, blue and gold.

For my professional and personal life, the exposure to your Inner Heroes(tm) process has made a profound change in the way I approach others. I find that I am consciously seeking to understand staff members from where they are, rather than from where I want them to be. "
   Sumyyah Bilal, CEO,  EUREKA

Participant benefits include:

Recognizing and utilizing the strengths that each individual brings to the team
Reducing stress by eliminating triggers
Identifying and learning to work with the most difficult co-workers
Learn a technique to release what doesn't work
Honoring different value systems
Celebrating individual differences
Creating a more harmonious work environment
Action planning for behavioral change
Increase productivity

About the Trainers

Carolyn Kalil, MA, JCTC
Carolyn KalilCarolyn Kalil is an educator, trainer, speaker, and author of the best selling book, "Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love." She was a counselor at El Camino College for 32 years helping students find direction in their lives. In addition to using her book for college classes, she also uses it for team building, interpersonal communication skills, and diversity training. Major corporations such as Cisco Systems and Warner Bros. use this book for managerial training and team building.

Ms. Kalil is active in the professional Career Development field and she is a sought after speaker where her seminars receive the highest ratings at conferences. She delivers keynote speeches, workshops and train-the-trainer events.

Emil K. Kalil, Ph.D.
Emil K. Kalil, Ph.D.Dr. Kalil is an educator, trainer and scientist. With over 30 years of experience in industry and the private sector, he has used his scientific skills, especially problem solving, to increase productivity and return on investments. In the past 10 years he has worked in the publishing industry, as a Director of Information Technology, most recently for Variety magazine. Dr. Kalil found himself devoting more time to conflict resolution among his team members and their clients. In addition to solving technical problems, Dr. Kalil was also solving interpersonal communication problems.

Dr. Kalil has focused his efforts in teaching others how to interact with their teammates and their clients. He has applied this in many facets of industry, including highly technical computer staff, customer service reps, accountants, editors, publishers, sales, HR and administrators.

Carolyn Kalil has a distinguished career as a college counselor for the past 32 years with over 30,000 students. Since 1988 she has successfully used personality systems in her work as a career counselor and educator. She is a well-known, sought-after counseling expert, lecturer, and conducts workshops and seminars in the United States and abroad.

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