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From her early days as a college counselor, Carolyn Kalil, has focused on inspiring others to be their best self. She realized that students who came to her for advice and guidance were asking her deeper questions than "what do I need to do to get admitted to UCLA." She sensed the underlying real questions were, “Who am I?” "What is the purpose of my life?"  "What was I born to do?" She chose to focus on internal issues of self-discovery and meaning to help her students answer these questions.

This motivated her to offer classes for her students at El Camino College in 1989. She integrated the True Colors Personality System to enhance her career development classes. Her classes became very popular and students began to improve their grades, graduation and transfer opportunities. She knew she was on to something that could help even more students.

Carolyn started training counselors and other educators to teach her method in career development classes.  She wrote her first workbook “How to Express Your Natural Skills and Talents in a Career” and later wrote the first major True Colors book, Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love,” which became a best-selling career book. There was a demand to also help high school students so she wrote a workbook, “True Success,” to help them come to college better prepared to choose a major and make career decisions.

She went on to train other professionals throughout the US and Internationally on how to utilize her programs, services, and materials. Her clients include military personnel, educators, government agencies, corporations, non-profits and other organizations. Her book title was changed and updated to “Follow Your Inner Heroes to the Work You Love,” in 2013.

Her online assessment was first posted online in 2001 and has been taken by over one million  people. This assessment was updated in 2020 to offer a 34-page report that includes your complete personality profile, not just your primary (first) Hero but your second, third, and fourth.
Each individual report is personalized to include the important values that motivate and inspire you, your unique strengths and challenges, communication style, stress inducing elements to avoid, maximizing your natural skills and talents,  and your ideal work experience including being the boss.

We have grown our services and program selection from Self-discovery and Career Awareness to include Life Coaching, Family Relationships, Personal Relationships (for dating and marriage), and Leadership and Teambuilding.


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