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True Success by Carolyn Kalil

Youth or High School Workbook
Includes set of 4 Inner Heroes(TM) Cards
ISBN: 978-0-9858530-0-6
Former ISBN 1-893320-24-3

An interactive guide for achieving career, academic and personal goals
110 pages,
8.5 x 11 inches

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The Instructor's Guide for True Success 
Includes set of 4 Inner Heroes(TM) Cards

Text includes all the pages from True Success.
ISBN: 978-0-9858530-3-7

243 pages,
8.5 x 11 inches


From the Author
I see many young people who are frustrated and discouraged with their attempts to achieve their career, academic and personal goals. They don't have a road map to show them how to get where they want to go.

Most of us are capable of doing almost anything we set our minds to. However, knowledge of your personality preferences will help you understand why you are not motivated to do just anything.

By nature we are motivated toward certain pursuits and not others. Being aware of our personality preferences brings focus and helps us make decisions that optimize our natural inherent gifts and talents. With this knowledge, we remain scattered and unfocused.

This workbook will guide you through this new concept in self-awareness and help you focus on your natural strengths. You will take an inner journey of discovery that will assist you in making meaningful decisions concerning school, work, and your personal life.

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From the Back Cover
Written for youth wanting to achieve success in life. True Success by Carolyn Kalil takes you on a journey of self-discovery. As you are introduced to this personality process, you will gain a better understanding of your natural strengths and talents, and become equipped to set goals that lead to career, academic and personal satisfaction.

About the Author
Carolyn Kalil has been inspiring students and organizations for more than 30 years as an educator, counselor, author, speaker and corporate trainer. Her popular book and its companion workbook continue to be successful training tools for students and a number of major corporations, including Warner Brothers and Cisco Systems. And her work is receiving high praise from colleges, prisons, Welfare-to-Work and other programs that strive to help people.

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