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The Workbook: Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love  by Carolyn Kalil
Adult or College Workbook
Includes set of 4 Inner Heroes
(TM) Cards
A journey in self-discovery & career decision-making

226 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches
ISBN 978-0-9858530-7-5
Former ISBN 978-0-9858530-2-0
Former ISBN 978-1-893320-20-8


Why I wrote this book: From the Author
A majority of students I have counseled since 1973 have expressed a fear of investing time, energy, and money toward making the wrong career choice. Time and again, they demonstrated strong resistance to spending several years in college preparing for a career they did not feel highly motivated to pursue. And their counseling sessions typically ended up focusing on a career decision, regardless of the initial reason for the appointment.

On many occasions, these students have come to me with personal problems related to study habits, but the nature of their problem was generally the same: They had lost interest in school because of indecision as to their futures. These students lacked direction and found it difficult to focus on school and studies. Some were experiencing conflicts with parents, family, and spouses as a result of dropping grades and lack of motivations.

A knowledge of personality preferences through the color metaphor model has helped me tremendously in understanding the natural gifts, talents, and values of students and directing them toward careers they will find truly satisfying. Its clear, definitive methods for finding success and enhancing self-esteem are invaluable. And once you begin this workbook, I am confident you will want to integrate this colors program into your academic, personal, and career endeavors. It will be a journey well worth your time and effort and will impact all segments of your life.

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About the Author
Carolyn Kalil has been inspiring students and organizations for more than 30 years as an educator, counselor, author, speaker and corporate trainer. Her popular book and its companion workbook continue to be successful training tools for students and a number of major corporations, including Warner Brothers and Cisco Systems. And her work is receiving high praise from colleges, prisons, Welfare-to-Work and other programs that strive to help people.

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