for activities based on relationship building

This is a 12 page 8.5 x 11 inch booklet for use with individuals or groups. It is designed for a variety of activities including team building, conflict resolution, communication styles, and improving relationships. Clients can write in this pamphlet and keep a permanent record of their results. They begin by ranking the pictures on the front and then taking a 21 question simple assessment.  From the results, they read about themselves and others.

 In addition to the assessment, the booklet includes the following information and exercises:

  • Strengths

  • Values

  • Contribution to a team effort

  • How to relate to each Inner Hero

  • Extroversion/Introversion

  • Roles

  • Summary page

Here is a sample page for the Doer personality


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$198.75 per 25  ($7.95 each)