Career Pointer         Revised Sep 15, 2021    Copyright DreamMaker Publishing

This is a 12 page 8.5 x 11 inch booklet for use in groups or one-on-one career counseling/coaching.   It is designed to let the user proceed at their own pace and discover their own personality  spectrum. The clients write in this pamphlet and keep a permanent record of their results through this process.  Inside, there is a 21 question assessment where the client discover their personality temperament. This assessment is simple and accurate.

After taking the quiz and ranking themselves, the clients turn to their primary personality  page and read about themselves. Then they turn to the transferable skills page of their primary personality style and circle their top five skills. A sample of the  Doer skills is shown below.

Doer skills from Follow Your True Colors To the Work You Love

On the same page as the skills are a list of occupations for their primary personality, as shown by the sample below.

Doer Careers from Follow Your True Colors To the Work You Love

The last page ties it all together . It is a summary page where the client records all their results and also has a free form area for their notes.

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